Scandinavian Business

Taking Business in Scandinavia was one of the best decisions I could have made.  The experience I gained and the business visits have been a priceless adventure.   As the trip comes to an end and I look at the many companies we visited, I have decided to give an award to one special company. […]

Experiencing Norway

Norway Social Media and News When it comes to social media I fall all the way at the bottom of the popular list.  Keeping up to date on posting pictures and updating timelines.  Even making comments on others and responding to request have been a pain to me since the start of the social media wave. […]

Danish Society and Etiquette 101

Danish Society & Culture When visiting a Scandinavian country the most important preparation one can do is to read about the culture.  Becoming familiar with the country’s etiquette and learning the dos and don’ts before arriving will take you a long way. As an American visiting a Scandinavian country I noticed a few small differences that […]

Sweden the New Playground for IT Start-ups

Working in the IT community makes me appreciate the resources Sweden offers.  Entrepreneurship is encouraged and resources for starting a business are available for all residents. As a part of our adventure in Scandinavia we have visited many companies in Sweden, including some recent start-ups.  Two of the first companies we meet with were Piteå Science Park and Luleå […]

Beauty of the North: North Sweden Living

Piteå is growing in population, containing about 41,000 people in North Sweden. It is the smallest city (in population) on our itinerary for Sweden. Still, it was a great place to begin our journey through Sweden. Sometimes small cities are a headache to get to, but traveling to Piteå was fairly easy. There were no […]

Business, Culture, and a Chapman MBA (Scandinavian Experience)

If earning my MBA from Chapman has not been a great experience in itself, Chapman had the nerve to offer a Business in Scandinavia elective course.  For me it was a no brainier. Knowing absolutely nothing about the Scandinavian countries I signed up. In reasearching and attending the pre-travel courses, my expectations for Scandinavia has […]