Scandinavian Business

Taking Business in Scandinavia was one of the best decisions I could have made.  The experience I gained and the business visits have been a priceless adventure.   As the trip comes to an end and I look at the many companies we visited, I have decided to give an award to one special company.  The one that left the biggest impression on me.

And the Award Goes to…Orbital Systems

Orbital Systems wins the award for Most Interesting New Company!  Our visit with Orbital Systems was comforting.  Being able to see a business on the peak of design, development, and innovation is a wonderful experience.

Orbital Systems has created a solution for our environment.  They have developed a closed loop shower, with a re-purification technology to recirculate 5-10 liters of clean hot water at the ideal temperature, pressure and flow rate.  The shower is made of a shower head, housing panel, control wheel, handheld nozzle and a filter bay.  The filter makes sure you receive the cleanest water you can shower in, regardless of how long you shower. It purifies water from all unwanted particles, including viruses, bacteria and 99.9% of all toxins, metals, and oils.

As a commercial or residential user you have the ability to view your inputs; water cost, energy cost, shower length, daily shower count, and preferred temperature.  In addition, to inputs you can see your savings on water (in liters/year), energy, and a total cost savings.  This is ground breaking technology, the first time I have seem something of this magnitude.

Walking around the office you see the drive in a staff full of men and women who share a vision and know that their contribution to the company's success are equally important.

Orbital systems was not the first, nor the last company we visited, but it was definitely the most impressive in my eyes.  The company has found a clean, green way to take showers.  Just one step closer to bringing the mission of Mars to Earth.