Experiencing Norway

Norway Social Media and News

When it comes to social media I fall all the way at the bottom of the popular list.  Keeping up to date on posting pictures and updating timelines.  Even making comments on others and responding to request have been a pain to me since the start of the social media wave.

We took a business trip to a magazine in Norway who unlike me, has mastered the social media lifestyle.  Their goal is to be the first to bring an article to the world.  Aspiring to understand their readers, they have focused on picking the best topics and promoting controversial opinions to articles.  Once an article is release, the magazine hopes readers will respond or comment with their views on the topic to create healthy dialogue amongst readers.

Listening to the editors of this magazine inspired me.  I could feel the passion and love for news and social media.  More so, the most inspiring part of the talk was understanding how the company used its limited resources to become one of the major Noregian newspapers.  Having only 35 employees, the company has found a way to maximize their footprint and grab the readers attention.  And believe me, they don't plan on letting go of their readers, they only plan to steal more away for the competitors.

Museums, Vikings, and Ships -Oh My!

The most shocking part of my visit in Norway, and all of Scandinavia, was the displays viking love.  I imagine the main reason I was shocked is because it was the last think I expected.  Going into a souviner shop, you will see large displays of vikings and trolls.

I would make a horrible Viking 🙂

After a morning of meetings, a group of us found our way to The Viking Ship Museum where 4 ships have been restored and now displayed to tell a story of history and culture.  Dating back to 890 AD, these ships look amazing and have been well preserved.

The Viking Ship Museum was impressive, but I was expecting to see more.  I think we all were.  So we took a walk and stumbled upon my faviorite musuem of the trip.  The Fram Museum, small and quaint but full of adventure.

Having fun at The Fram Museum.

The Fram