Beauty of the North: North Sweden Living

Piteå is growing in population, containing about 41,000 people in North Sweden. It is the smallest city (in population) on our itinerary for Sweden. Still, it was a great place to begin our journey through Sweden.

Sometimes small cities are a headache to get to, but traveling to Piteå was fairly easy. There were no direct flights from Prague to Piteå so we took a flight into Stockholm.  Followed by a quick flight from Stockholm to Luleå. Ending with a 40 minute taxi ride from Luleå to Piteå.

Most notable in North Sweden is the extremely cold weather and the midnight sun.  Luleå welcomed us with rain, and Piteå decided to give us a nice windy welcoming. Yet, the biggest surprise was not the weather. It was the idea of darkless nights. Before this trip I could not imagine such a thing.  I recall staying up until 12:21am and seeing just as much daylight as I did when I woke up for my 5:00am morning stroll.

A windy welcome to Piteå… 11:29pm looks like the early morning back home.


Morning stroll around Piteå at 5:29am…

Great North Sweden Companies

Bōle Tannery

Bōle Tannery is a spectacular family operated business in Piteå, Sweden.  The quality and brilliant craftsmanship of the leather products are reinforced throughout the multi-level workshop. Bōle has been located in North Sweden since 1899, holding on to the Sweden tradition of sustainability.  In the coming months Bōle plans to embark on a new journey, with a vision to build a tannery in Bangladesh the company will take their North Sweden traditions and create thousands of jobs in Bangladesh.

The vision for the Bangladesh tannery is to provide cattle to local residents. The residents will be responsible for raising the cattle and allowed to keep any proceeds from the sale of milk or meat.  However, the skin will be given to Bōle.  Bōle has partnered with local Bagledesh residents to bring the vision to light.  The next step in the process is to raise funds to implement the vision.

Great North Sweden Values & Traditions

Fika is a must do, not only in North Sweden but in all of Sweden.  This is a break to share coffee and a snack, while engaging in conversation with fellow co-workers and friends.

Stepping off the plane in Luleå I did not know what to expect, as I leave, my advice to those who have not experienced life in North Sweden.  I say do not underestimate the beauty of a city like Luelå and Piteå, the emphasis on family and peace of mind the country provides is refreshing.