Sustainable Stockholm

Hello again,

Gerald and Jessica here again from Stockholm. Previously we touched on the corporate culture and office structure. This time we will look at the sustainability of several companies.

Sandvik is a high tech engineering group that specializes in metals which was founded in 1862. Unlike many companies in their field Sandvik tries to provide services other than just their metal products and tools in order to remain close to the customer. Although they are a large global company they try to improve their customers productivity. This makes sense because by affecting their customers bottom line positively and tying their productivity to Sandvik they are ensuring long-term sustainable growth as opposed to competitors. Initially, Sandvik is diversifying from steel into drilling, hard materials, process systems, diamond innovations, and volfram.They are even looking into 3D printing of metals.

Their innovations, mergers, and acquisitions model is sustainable since they are adapting, researching, organizing, and implementing very quickly. At the same time they have taken safety and made it a priority as a part of their management meetings.

Ziggy is a consulting company which focuses on advertising and social media. They are interested in the environment and sustainability. More importantly they understand that in order to take sustainability to the next level companies need to engaged the consumer and make it cool to be green. They do this by managing customer's expectations and shaping them to affect consumer behavior.
By doing so the new behavior and mindset will demand new products and new channels. Eventually new buying behavior will take place. Staying current on tech trends ives them a sustainable competitive advantage.

Sweden is an excellent place for starting a sustainability and technological firm. Using technology to affect consumer behavior in terms of making the consumer aware is a relatively new field. Sweden makes this easier by subsidizing laptops, standardizing technology, and its low temperature is useful for cooling down servers. Sweden is also environmentally conscious and friendly with a stable economy, banking system, and political and legal system.

Kairos future is a company that believes that the most basic raw material is knowledge. This has never been more true. They also recognize that trends are only useful for as long as they are useful. Co:tunity is a stand-alone extension of that company. It is an app where people can go to exchange ideas in a systematic and sophisticated way. It helps answer the following questions for companies: what are the companies' wants?, what can the company do?, and what should the company do?