What a Wild Ride!

As we end our journey across the Nordic countries, each of us have decided to reflect on our trip and what we took away as most valuable. Kyla: I write this as I sit in the airplane flying over the United States, just hours from home. While I am ready to go back to the […]

We’ve arrived in Finland!!!!

  We have arrived to the beautiful country of Finland! After a day of exploring, we took an exciting trip to the Rovio Corporation. Which most will know as the “Angry Birds” Headquarters. Rovio, which translates to bonfire, was created in 2003 by three Finnish students.  They started the company after creating a game for […]

A Re-Developing Country: Estonia

Hello! Hallå! Tere! Hei! Coming to Estonia has been quite a culture shock compared to Sweden. From the crazy boat adventure to our bus adventures; this country is extremely unique. Our first stop was E-Estonia where Crystal LaGrone, an Oklahoma native explained her experience with the technologically advanced Estonia. Here in Estonia you are required (all […]

Venturing onto Stockholm!

  Hello! Hallå! Tere! Hei! Welcome to Stockholm! Conversionista! Founder and CEO, John Ekman me with us and has mastered the art of calculating website conversion rates. The industry that the company primarily works with is e-commerce where the conversion rate is known to be below 3%. Conversionista believes that each digital bucket on the website […]

First Stop, Goteborg, Sweden!

Hello! Hallå! Tere! Hei, From Kyla & Victoria! As we make our journey to Stockholm we wanted to take the time to reflect on Goteborg and our company visits: Day 1: Our first stop was the Lindholmen Science Park, which was located close the the center of Gothenburg. A science park is a place that puts […]

Business in Scandinavia: Pre-Departure

Hello! Hallå! Tere! Hei! We are Team16-1 and are ready for Business in Scandinavia!! Meet the team members: Kyla Javier: I am a 25 year old Masters student from Orange County and I am ready to jet set out of the United States! I have always been fascinated with Scandinavia as I am a quarter Norwegian […]