Business in Scandinavia: Pre-Departure

Hello! Hallå! Tere! Hei!

We are Team16-1 and are ready for Business in Scandinavia!!

Meet the team members:

Kyla Javier:


I am a 25 year old Masters student from Orange County and I am ready to jet set out of the United States! I have always been fascinated with Scandinavia as I am a quarter Norwegian and my grandfather spoke so highly of the country and their culture. Now, although we aren’t going to Norway I am still excited to get the opportunity to travel and learn about the business world within Sweden, Estonia, and Finland.

I am most excited to learn about doing business internationally and the differences in company culture between each country and the United States. My current focus in the program is marketing and I am most interested in pursuing brand management. Within that I hope to learn how each company in Scandinavia brands themselves to their consumers and what marketing/advertising strategies are most beneficial for their target markets.

The companies that I am most excited to visit are Volvo Cars and Saab in Sweden. Not because they are the most famous or known by Americans, but because each of these companies have had to go through severe re-branding issues after being managed by clashing culture ideals and management styles. I am very interested to learn how they were able to gain market share back and re-establish their strong brand recognition in a positive light.

Victoria Carter:


Hello, I am Victoria Carter! This is my final class to finish my Masters of Science in Accounting. I am 25 years old and was born and raised in a small town in Southern California. My hobbies include cooking and oil painting. I am passionate about traveling and immersing myself in various cultures.

From what I have learned so far, Scandinavia seems to be a place that focus’ on “quality of life as a whole.” Coming from a country that does not focus’ as much on a “work life balance”, it am intrigued by this concept and seeing it in practice.

I am excited to learn about Scandinavian business cultures and compare them to my own. Since we are Millennial’s and the overall push of our generation seems to be open to a form of Scandinavian socialism, it would be beneficial to experience these principles first hand.

It was exciting to learn that places like Sweden, reduced their hours from 8 to 6. The rationale behind this is to promote productivity and reduce turnover among employees. I will be starting a job at an accounting firm in September, and during the “busy season”, my lowest hours will be around 80 hours per week. It would be interesting to find out what accounting firms or departments in Sweden, Finland or Estonia do to keep with this “work life balance.” Or if they are able to attain this during certain periods?

That's all folks!


Goodbye! Adjö! Hüvasti! Hyvästi!