Team öl snälla: Volvo Visit

On June 2, 2014, our team as well as our other classmates accompanying us on our Scandinavia trip recieved the opportunity to visit the Volvo Company, which is a Swedish multinational automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Before going to the brand experience center, we were able to test drive Volvo’s different array of cars such as their 2014 Sedan D4 and SUV’s.  After taking a couple of laps around the Demo Race Track, our class headed over to the company’s brand experience center where the VP of brand strategy gave us a 30 minute presentation about the current status of the company and the goals they wish to achieve by 2020.  For example, the VP explained to us that the Ford Motor Company used to own their car division, but a Chinese company called Geely in 2010 recently acquired the company.  The VP further added that after being reacquired, the company developed a new company vision and is more motivated than ever due to differences in company culture between Ford and Geely.  Although Volvo was happy working with Ford, the company felt that Ford’s business model for the automobile industry was too structured, while Geely’s model was more flexible.  Furthermore, Geely focused more on Volvo’s personal goals for creating a better brand and providing the safest car on the market.  In addition, Volvo has more goals they wish to satisfy by 2020 such as delivering a more tasteful car design and a fully environmentally green friendly car that will produce zero emissions.  The cultural differences between firms is evident in this case given American companies focus more on business activities that will satisfy the customer, but they must create a big enough profit margin.  While Chinese companies believe that a company should focus on satisfying their customers, but must also focus on their company’s future vision regardless of the short-term profit because a company will see future long term profit if they remain loyal to their overall vision.   Brand Experience Presentation: Volvopresentation Photos of Gothenburg: IMG_1209