The Adventure Continues, Viking Style…

We continued our journey in Sweden but this time we visited the beautiful city of Stockholm.  Our first stop was a company called SANDVIK.  This was a unique company in the sense that, even though not many of our colleagues could relate to what the company did, we did learn a lot about how the Scandinavian […]

Business in Scandinavia – Stockholm – Part 2

We had a wonderful dinner at the “name of the island and hotel”. It was a great Viking experience, our friend Bjorn took us to this restaurant which replicated the Vikings dinner. It had no electricity and the whole room was lit with candle lights. They had the ancient type of dinner tables with animal […]

Next Stop: the classy city “Stockholm”

    Our next stop in Scandinavia is the gorgeous city, Stockholm. Stockholm is an very unique city because it is built on islands and surrounded by water. We took the SJ train from Gothenburg in the early morning, however, there was an accident that cause us arrived in Stockholm 1.30 hours later than our […]

Business Lessons – Stockholm

Time to get back to work after our fika. After three exciting days in Goeteborg culminating in the Post Hotel Bar that was recommended to us by several locals, we took the morning train to Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm. We wasted no time in heading straight to a meeting with Bettina Baumgartner, the VP […]

Business Lessons – Goeteborg

So now it is time to start our blog. We are traveling by train to Stockholm after spending three days in the beautiful city of Goeteborg. Our visit there included a stop at Volvo Cars world headquarters followed by a delicious dinner with members of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and other distinguished guests. The […]

Our lovely visit to Volvo!

Our first day in Gothenburg, Sweden we visited Volvo’s Brand Experience Center. Before we embarked on our journey to Sweden, we had little brand awareness of Volvo. It is actually both our first time in Scandinavia! In this blog, we discuss how Volvo can sustain a competitive advantage with today’s evolving consumer behavior within the […]

First Stop, Goteborg, Sweden!

Hello! Hallå! Tere! Hei, From Kyla & Victoria! As we make our journey to Stockholm we wanted to take the time to reflect on Goteborg and our company visits: Day 1: Our first stop was the Lindholmen Science Park, which was located close the the center of Gothenburg. A science park is a place that puts […]

Landing in wonderful city “Gothenburg”

While we are writing this blog, we are currently on the super fast  SJ train heading to Stockholm, the public transport in Sweden is really good, more than half of the people in Gothenburg city using busses, trams and ferry! rather than their personal car. For tourists, we can use the application called Vasttrafik To-Go […]

And so it Begins!

Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden! After an exhausting 20+ hour travel day, we are finally in the EU, and we are excited to start our adventures abroad. One thing we have immediately noticed from our short stay in Gothenburg is the impact that Democratic Socialism has on transportation.  Visiting the headquarters at Volvo and the non-profit […]

Eshwar and Nathan Invade Scandinavia

The best candy in the world is Daim. This is not questionable. It is made of delicious chocolate and toffee and can be purchased at a furniture store called IKEA. IKEA is a Swedish invention. In fact, there are a number of reasons why IKEA is Swedish and not Canadian or Chinese, for example. One of […]