Business in Scandinavia

Ready for a new business adventure?

I am Pilar, an MBA candidate at Chapman University, and I am ready to immerse myself in the business world of Scandinavia. I am intrigued and eager to learn for instance how people from Scandinavian countries have been able to balance making money and enjoying life, something that many countries around the world have found very difficult or almost impossible to achieve. According to the World Happiness Report 2019 produced by the United Nations, Finland is the country with the highest index of happiness followed by Denmark and Sweden in second and seventh place respectively. In addition, most of the Nordic countries are continuously among the most business-friendly nations, as indicated in the ranking of countries on ease of doing business published by the World Bank.

Nordic people are known for celebrating life and encouraging money-making; they have a capitalist system that seems to get along with social innovation such as paid parental leave which is huge is that part of the world. How does their business model work? How do technology, governance, and social norms influence Nordic communities? Could the same model work in the US? It will be fascinating to meet and listen to some of the main architects of this kind of system and learn from the source. Scandinavia I am on my way!

My name is William and I am looking forward to learning as much as possible about the business environment of Scandinavia and how it has uniquely arisen from the historical, cultural, and political environment particular to the Nordic region. As we have learned through our preliminary preparations for this travel course there are several characteristics of the Nordic model of business management including a sustained focus on sustainable practices arising from a comparatively high level of social awareness and responsibility among the citizenry, relation based corporate governance models, and extremely high levels of self-reported happiness and fulfillment.

This trip represents a monumental opportunity for us to visit regions known for their outsized economic impact, growing tech sector, and innovate clean-tech industries. Throughout our trip we will visit a variety of some of the most innovative and successful companies that the Nordic region has to offer and glean valuable information from them regarding their business practices, governance, and sustainable supply chain management.