Final Thoughts

There is a lot to take away from the Scandinavian experience. We learned a great deal about a culture that we had little prior knowledge of. Not only that, we were able to experience the region in a very special way. The trip offered a blend of business, culture, and leisure that couldn’t be replicated […]

The Swedish Way

Sweden has a lot to offer as a country. Sweden offers rich history, art & design, natural beauty, superior quality of life, a strong political system, and progressive views to round it out. Sweden is very much an ideal country to be a member of. The major question it leaves us with is can Sweden’s […]

Building Smarter Cities

Smart cities are becoming a global movement. Historically, the world has continued to over extract and consume natural resources without remorse. This behavior has created global problems that provide a need to create systematic change. Today, companies and countries are investing heavily in solutions to reduce humans’ footprint in the world. Sweden is a leader […]

Innovation Loop in Lycksele

Attending the smart growth idea development workshop in Lyskele provided many different types of learnings. The topic of “smart growth” and its varied applications and interpretations by industry and individual allowed for informative dialogue. The vagueness of the definition is important as we think about the future and improvement. However it will be important to […]

Stockholm, Day 1

Day One of our Business in Scandinavia adventures did not disappoint. We met with three companies that were diverse in what they bring to the market but interestingly similar in their fundamental values and approach. These consistent themes were eye opening to observe and good confirmation about the strong influence Swedish culture has on its […]