Building Smarter Cities

Smart cities are becoming a global movement. Historically, the world has continued to over extract and consume natural resources without remorse. This behavior has created global problems that provide a need to create systematic change. Today, companies and countries are investing heavily in solutions to reduce humans’ footprint in the world. Sweden is a leader in smart solutions to improve people’s relationship with the natural environment.

Attending the smart growth workshop I had the opportunity to be a part of the “Smart Cities” group. Our group brainstormed different ideas of what a smart city meant to us and different solutions to create one. We concluded our solution must begin on the individual level. We felt change had to be first with people’s perception on the planet. Creating innovative and eco-friendly projects aren’t enough to get members of society to buy-in to a movement. Our groups’ belief is the most effective means to answer this is through a mobile application. More specially, highlighting a relatable problem for the masses. The mobile platform provides useful insight on an individuals’ energy expenditure. The application monitors historical energy output to provide a mean energy bill figure. Users can modify it to their likings. It will offer key metrics and visuals of where energy is being wasted. To gather this data there are sensors located throughout ones home providing a breakdown room by room. Using the application effectively, users should be able to save money. From there they have the option to pay their true bill or repurpose their savings in to a social cause. REWINN looks to reduce output and further a social cause creating a more sustainable environment.

Business Proposal

The world is facing several shattering problems. This has created instability in the global environment potentially jeopardizing future generations. To address these big-picture issues,

REWINN intends to leverage the synergies between large and small issues to create solutions for promoting sustainable change in the global environment.

REWINN’s solution is to develop a mobile application where users can track their energy spending within specific areas of their homes. To monitor energy consumption, sensors will be installed in different areas of the home providing deeper insight on energy usage. Information and savings through the application will provide users an opportunity to contribute to a social issue or project. This offers individuals to be a part of the REWINN community fostering change worldwide.

The concept of REWINN is to raise awareness and to take action on the issues individuals face worldwide. REWINN aims to create a global community where users feel inspired and their impact is measurable, creating stewards of positive change.

My key takeaway’s away from the experience are very positive. I value the opportunity to have gotten to work on a real-life issue that is implementable on a global scale. Secondly, the chance to work with individuals of a different culture. Understanding how the Swedish culture collaborates and approaches a task is very different than the U.S. Remaining open-minded to these fundamental differences It will be useful as I continue my business career.