Talking Trees and Roaming Phones…and no, those aren’t just cool band names

Before being swept away to the wonderful world of Social Media by Prof. Myhr, we were lucky enough to tour Ericcson Studio.   Sure they had trees that talk to you, but the most useful thing they design are cell phone towers.  Not only do they design normal ones you could find along the freeway or […]

Facebook Much?

So…I thought I was obsessed with Facebook, but the Swedes have taken it to entirely new level.  Not only do the ladies love Americans *wink, Swedes in general love Facebook.  I mean love it, like they’re gay for it.  Yeah, like that.  All kidding aside, Facebook and Lulea have a great partnership going on right […]

Angry Birds and Angry Management

Most people think Angry Birds is just a silly game to play when you’re making #2.  But it’s more than that…it’s app #1 and more.  Rovio is the company behind the over $1 billion grossing app Angry Birds.  Rovio started as a few buddies writing a game for a business plan competition, which sounds like […]

Klarna and their tasty Swedish buns

Klarna, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is basically a limited online credit card company focusing on simpler and safer online purchasing.  Started by three shirtless dudes in their basement for their business school business plan competition, Klarna saw a hole in the market which is would be creating a greater sense of safety when shopping online […]

Klarna blog: #1

Klarna was recently awarded the Billion Dollar Company award from GP Bullhound followed by a $155 million investment by a number of investors.  May 24th marked the hire of two new directors to join the board.  Nigel Morris, the co-founder of Capital One Financial Services and Anton J. Levy, from General Atlantic global growth equity […]