Talking Trees and Roaming Phones…and no, those aren’t just cool band names

Before being swept away to the wonderful world of Social Media by Prof. Myhr, we were lucky enough to tour Ericcson Studio.   Sure they had trees that talk to you, but the most useful thing they design are cell phone towers.  Not only do they design normal ones you could find along the freeway or in buildings, but they also make solar powered cell towers used in many poor countries and regions of the world where it is not possible to install permanent cell towers.  This can help the village people predict the weather, keep in touch with the real world and even order something from a catalogue.  Ericcson claims the purpose of their company is to find overall solutions for problems such as the ones the village people have.  They make some other pretty cool stuff too, like this house facebook thing a majig.  Here’s the catch, you’re friends aren’t real live people.  I know, right?!  What the H is going on here!  I was thinking the same thing.  Then the dude said you have to be friends with your vacuum cleaner.  I mean a dyson never loses suction, but we don’t need to be friends.  But then I found out this allows your smart vacuum cleaner to send you a message and ask you if you want he/she to vacuum and that’s just the beginning.  Your house can lock itself, your garage door can shut itself and your house can even call the cops…hopefully not on you.  They also have DVR’s we’ve had for years.  Wasn’t impressed by that whatsoever.  I mean come on, man.  But back to the talking tree.  The tree got lonely.  The tree told you when it needed water.  The tree invited you to touch it.  The technology allowing the tree to do this is actually pretty amazing.  You could hypothetically even layer it under your lawn and it would be able to tell you even if you have a prowler approaching your residence.  Your plants would never allow themselves to die while you were on vacation.  Sounds silly at first, but when you really think about it, this could change everything…

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