Angry Birds and Angry Management

Most people think Angry Birds is just a silly game to play when you’re making #2.  But it’s more than that…it’s app #1 and more.  Rovio is the company behind the over $1 billion grossing app Angry Birds.  Rovio started as a few buddies writing a game for a business plan competition, which sounds like almost every other company starting up these days.  Staying true to many other Scandanavian businesses, Rovio is a very mellow and laid back environment sporting an open office layout with workers in casual dress working on macs (the anti-virus).  Previous to this tour, I thought it was just a game, a game that made a lot of money albeit, but still just a game, but it’s so much more.


Rovio has been busy with building the brand of Angry Birds much more than they have been developing their app, of which a new game will be released next fall.  In Finland, Angry Birds is a major brand of sorts.  For example, Pepsi has been trying to beat Coca Cola in the country for over twenty years…Angry Birds Cola was released the day before they beat out Coke to be the number one cola in the country.  Supermarkets in Finland are filled with Angry Birds sodas, chips and candies.  Furthermore, Angry birds stores are starting to pop up all over Japan and are state of the art in their design and layout.  For starts, they sell almost every product under the brand of Angry Birds, but the best part is their concept.  All the wall designs in each Angry Birds store are magnetic, giving them the ability to quickly swap out say, the theme of the store for that day, or even just for the afternoon if they decide to promote more than one main product each day.  For example, the store could be set up as Angry Birds: Rio in the am hours and switch to Angry Birds: Space over the lunch hour giving them the ability to hype more than one new product basically at the same time.


The Angry Birds app alone has gone from $50 million in its first year to over $1 billion at present date.  Angry Birds was a product of over 16 previously failed game designs, but Rovio proves hard work and drive can birth success and even in Finland, the American Dream is possible.