Klarna and their tasty Swedish buns

Klarna, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is basically a limited online credit card company focusing on simpler and safer online purchasing.  Started by three shirtless dudes in their basement for their business school business plan competition, Klarna saw a hole in the market which is would be creating a greater sense of safety when shopping online while simultaneously creating a great deal of profit.  Given bank status by the country of Sweden, Klarna is set up similar to a credit card company in the United States and works like this: Swedes apply with Klarna for a credit amount.  After about a second, Klarna makes a 12-24 month contract with the user and gives them a credit limit which is determined by doing a quick credit check with that information run through an algorithm, which is constantly being worked on.  These customers could then buy items from companies such as Amazon.com, who would have an exclusive contract with Klarna.  The customers would then get their items with a bill, so they didn’t have to pay first, similar to an online credit card purchase in the states.


All this sounds boring as hell, I know.  Like who the hell would want to work here, am I right?!  Well that’s the best part about the company.  Walking around the building made me feel like I was back in a production office.  Not only is it not full of stuffy suits like an American bank, they give you free cinnamon buns!  Yeah, I’m serious, free cinnamon buns, they just give them to you for free, and the Swedes have the best buns!  True Story!  Everyone works on macs in a very open office environment surrounded by windows and free fresh fruit and way too strong coffee.  Other than the customer service department, the workers don’t really have a schedule, but rather just assignments they have to get done.  The workers all seem like their in high spirits and happy.


Klarna is also very ahead of the curve and take a different approach to customer service, which is what really sets them apart from their competition, much like the most successful companies in the states like Nordstrom, which was ironically started by a Swedenite!  They even have a head of social media customer service who often directly responds to twitter comments and very successfully ends many comment strands on blogs bashing the company.  One upset customer was even sent directly to the CEO when literally everyone else in the company was in a meeting.


Another great thing about Klarna is that they are multi-national.  The funniest part is that American English is the main language of the company, even though they’re not even active in the states at the moment.  But since we’re the best and everybody knows it, they went with out lingo sans ebonix.  Furthermore, they not only have six Americans working there, they have employees from over 36 countries employed in a handful of countries!  I can’t wait to see if they’ll pay for me to move there and work for them!