Facebook Much?

So…I thought I was obsessed with Facebook, but the Swedes have taken it to entirely new level.  Not only do the ladies love Americans *wink, Swedes in general love Facebook.  I mean love it, like they’re gay for it.  Yeah, like that.  All kidding aside, Facebook and Lulea have a great partnership going on right now.  Not only does Facebook help Lulea by boosting the number of jobs in their economy, it’s created a buzz around within large companies that it’s ok to expand to Sweden.  Furthermore, Facebook benefits in many ways as well.  Not only does Facebook receive tax benefits for their green cooling systems, they are running their business in the most reliable energy region in the world.  Their move has already sparked interest by Apple to follow suit and build in the city.  I’m not sure if by moving there, Facebook has sparked a gnarly enthusiasm by its people or if it was already there, but holy crap do they love Facebook.  Many Swedes have chips in the back of their phone in order to “swipe in” at Facebook checkpoints like grocery store entrances which will make them eligible for coupons and the such.  But the craziness doesn’t stop there…no it doesn’t.  Bracelets.  Yeah, that’s right, bracelets…bracelets allowing you to check into locations on facebook with a quick little swipe.  I mean it doesn’t get much better than that.  Anyone can let everyone know where they are in about .5 seconds.  Which makes me think most Swedes are single.  In conclusion, Swedes love coffee!

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