Facebook – Going Green

When you think of Facebook, you don’t necessarily think they they’re doing much damage to the environment.  We think of Facebook as being an online social media network.  We think of it as bringing friends from far away together and bringing interests together.  What we never really think of is how all this is done. […]

Being Green in Stockholm

So I was hungry and craving a little bit of home.  I had wanted sushi since on the bus ride to the hotel, we came across about 10 sushi joints.  But of course, when I’m hungry and went looking for one, we couldn’t find any.  The one and only one that we found was closed. […]

Helsinki, Finland – Underground City

The first leg of our Scandinavia trip was in Helsinki, Finland.  We were there all of 2 minutes and then we left for Sweden.  It’s a shame that we didn’t get to stick around a little bit longer because when I googled Helsinki, Finland and sustainability, I found this gem of an article. http://ecolocalizer.com/2011/02/22/finlands-new-sustainable-underground-city/ This […]


Can reduction in energy consumption incentivize LEED Certified builders to chose KONE elevators? KONE is betting yes. Hot off the launch of the new Monospace elevator, which reduces energy consumption by 20%, this Finland based company is committed to designing energy efficient elevators. Concept to production typically takes 7 years in this industry. Elevators, which typically make up 5 […]

IKEA – Pillar of Sustainability

We’ve all heard of IKEA.  Oh the joy of carrying big boxes of furniture home and assembling them all yourself.  And on your way out, you can pick up one of those hot dogs for 99 cents or maybe some swedish meatballs if you get hungry from all the shopping.  Talk about a deal.  Everything […]