IKEA – Pillar of Sustainability

We've all heard of IKEA.  Oh the joy of carrying big boxes of furniture home and assembling them all yourself.  And on your way out, you can pick up one of those hot dogs for 99 cents or maybe some swedish meatballs if you get hungry from all the shopping.  Talk about a deal.  Everything in IKEA is cheap in price compared to their competitors.  Though IKEA is known as a global leader in low cost, fashionable furniture it is committed to preserving the environment.  They are not about to achieve their goals at any cost. IKEA has initiated hundreds of green practices both in Sweden and across the globe.

For example, in 2011 IKEA initiated a project to build a wind farm in Sweden that will generate enough electricity to power 17 of its Swedish stores. According to SustainableBrands.com, the Stockholm based wind power developer O2 Vind AB is building the first ground up wind farm in Sweden. It is scheduled to begin operating in early 2012.  Hopefully this is something that we'll get to witness when we're in Sweden visiting the company.

Here's the article that we found online.