Being Green in Stockholm

So I was hungry and craving a little bit of home.  I had wanted sushi since on the bus ride to the hotel, we came across about 10 sushi joints.  But of course, when I'm hungry and went looking for one, we couldn't find any.  The one and only one that we found was closed.  Hugh bummer!  So instead of sushi, I settled for some good ‘ol Mickey D's.  I've always liked going to the McDonalds in different countries just to see if they have anything that we don't have back home.  The Stockholm, McDonalds was pretty disappointing in having weird foods.  No herring burger or Salmon Filet-O-Fish.  When I finally sat down to eat my meal, I realize that the difference isn't in the food choices, it's in the decor and especially their trash cans.  They have a special slot for Happy Meal boxes.  This really goes to show how Sweden is a country that's very concern about the environment.  They take the recycling business very seriously, to the point of having trash cans that have special slots for the happy meal boxes so they can recycle those separately.  Here's a picture of the trash can.