Company visit in Copenhagen

On June 5, we took the train to Copenhagen from Gothenburg. We visited four companies in two days which were Aquaporin, Orsted, Maersk and Financial Stabilitet.   Aquaporin is a company provides water purification technology. They … [Continue reading]

CO2 emission reduction in Maersk

Commitments for Sustainability in Maersk: Maersk is serious and committed to doing their business towards sustainability, in which the biggest goal is CO2 emission reduction Overview on Maersk Maersk is a Danish business conglomerate based in … [Continue reading]

Digital Marketing at Zooma

On our last day in Gothenburg, we visited Zooma. It is a digital marketing agency that is working mainly in B2B with global companies. Anders Bjorklund, who is the CEO of the company gave us an interesting presentation on the issues in the digital … [Continue reading]

Smart Growth Workshop in Lyksele, Sweden

On our trip to Scandinavia we visited the northern, Lapland area of Lyksele to attend a smart growth workshop. During the three day intensive workshop we were put into groups based upon our mutual interest in predetermined topics. The topic that we … [Continue reading]

Gender Equality in Practices

During the 3 day workshop in Lycksele, our team worked to develop on a brand new product called “Blue Dot”, which is an interactive open platform games for children and parents. Blue Dot serves as a supplementary education tool for parents and … [Continue reading]

Last two days in Stockholm

We came back to Stockholm from Lycksele and had another company visits for the first day. At Finnish Embassy, we learned why we should invest in Finland. Sweden and Finland had been the same country for over 600 years, which is why they have a close … [Continue reading]

Smart Growth in Lycksele

On the day 2, we traveled to Lycksele which is a small town located in the north of Sweden. We stayed at the side of a beautiful river where we could enjoy the scenery. In Lycksele, we attended a conference and were divided into groups with local … [Continue reading]

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to take away from the Scandinavian experience. We learned a great deal about a culture that we had little prior knowledge of. Not only that, we were able to experience the region in a very special way. The trip offered a blend of … [Continue reading]

Global Awareness Regarding International Business

At our visit with SAAB, a national defense company that specializes in defense products such as radar, weapons, submarines, and planes; we learned that it is imperative to have a global awareness mindset when conducting international business. SAAB … [Continue reading]

Culture Shock.

As a Korean-American resident who lived in Southern California for the past 17 years, I was surprised to see that how much of a cultural difference existed between USA and Sweden. On Sunday evening of my arrival, I wanted to visit the convenience … [Continue reading]