Our first visit in Gothenberg was at Volvo which in Latin roots means “to roll.” The factory tour consisted of a blue train taking us through one of the cleanest, most efficient body shops, press shop, paint shop, and quality control. This factory … [Continue reading]

DENMARK. The Place to be.

I have been waiting for this place for a long time.  For five years, I have been wanting to go to Denmark.  I had such high expectation of this place.  And it delivered. It was not much about the company visits that anticipated me, but the country … [Continue reading]

A Breath of Fresh Freedom.

After about walking about 6 miles from one company to another, we were finally free to go.  After all, it was Friday.  I have finally completed a week of Sweden!  Time seems to fly so fast when I am always busy.  Ali gathered the group to eat at the … [Continue reading]

Back at it again… Stockholm Chapter 2.

After our last day at Lycksele, I was on my way back to Stockholm... I missed you Radisson Blu. Next day, we went on our way to Finland Embassy where we got the gist of the business side of Finland.  As a geographically and historically uneducated … [Continue reading]

My Experience in Lycksele.

After 40 minutes of bus ride, 1 hour of flight after 30 minutes of flight delay, additional 2 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at Lycksele, a small city northern part of Sweden.  Upon arrival, I noticed how beautiful and untouched by the … [Continue reading]

Customer Centricity as a Marketing Trend

The overall theme of our meeting with Anders Bjorklund, CEO of Zooma, was how to capitalize on good marketing through customer centric views. People want companies to understand what it's like to be them. They want a company that will treat them … [Continue reading]

Future of Green Energy at Orsted

The future of green energy: Ørsted A/S (formerly DONG Energy) is a power company based in Fredericia, Denmark. It is the largest energy company in Denmark. Through various company visits in Sweden and Denmark, I learnt that companies in the … [Continue reading]

Company visit in Copenhagen

On June 5, we took the train to Copenhagen from Gothenburg. We visited four companies in two days which were Aquaporin, Orsted, Maersk and Financial Stabilitet.   Aquaporin is a company provides water purification technology. They … [Continue reading]

CO2 emission reduction in Maersk

Commitments for Sustainability in Maersk: Maersk is serious and committed to doing their business towards sustainability, in which the biggest goal is CO2 emission reduction Overview on Maersk Maersk is a Danish business conglomerate based in … [Continue reading]

Digital Marketing at Zooma

On our last day in Gothenburg, we visited Zooma. It is a digital marketing agency that is working mainly in B2B with global companies. Anders Bjorklund, who is the CEO of the company gave us an interesting presentation on the issues in the digital … [Continue reading]