The end of the Scandinavia travel course

The last company we visited was Nettavisen. It is a Norwegian online newspaper, launched in 1996 as the first in the country that was not created as part of a pre-existing newspaper. Now it is one of the most popular news websites in the country. … [Continue reading]

A Hearty Mixture of Old and New Sweden

Gamla Stan

Southern Sweden, slightly warmer and full of history Southern Sweden is just as beautiful as Norrbotten County; the aerial view of Stockholm shows lush trees and blue ocean can take anyone's breathe away. During the cultural outings, a few of the … [Continue reading]

Takeaways from Scandinavia: Valuing Life Outside of the Office

The biggest takeaway from the Business in Scandinavia Travel Course to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, is that Scandinavians place a higher importance on life outside of the office compared to Americans. This was the most consistent difference that I … [Continue reading]

Scandinavia is One of the Greenest Regions

Our journey through Sweden, Denmark and Norway has enlightened us on how Scandinavian countries differ significantly from the US. One thing that stands out the most is the concept of sustainability and the utilization of clean and green energy … [Continue reading]

End of the road

The Scandinavian Travel Course finally ended. I have experienced unforgettable visits, sceneries, and people. At this point of end, I want to review my journey to Scandinavian countries.   We visited a large variety of institutions in … [Continue reading]

Green energy in Denmark

I didn’t know about Danish industry before this course. The “Lego” in that my first daughter is interested in, and pastries are the only Danish products what I know about. Today (June 6, 2017) I came to know about the world-leading Danish company in … [Continue reading]

Wealth and Happiness

Through this trip I have posted blogs that thematically connect Scandinavian culture, values, and history to the innovation, progress, and practices of both newer and more established businesses. For this last post I would like to view the trip from … [Continue reading]

Copenhagen is Utilizing Sustainability

One our last day in Copenhagen, we continued our trend of visiting innovative companies. Dong energy was our first and only stop for the day before departing to Oslo. Dong Energy is a Danish run energy company that was created out of the merger of … [Continue reading]

Malmö is Keeping Sweden Green

We detoured from Copenhagen because of a national holiday to go back to Sweden. Our business tour began at Orbital Systems in the small, but mighty town of Malmö. Orbital Systems is considered the shower of the future. Their shower was initially … [Continue reading]

Blown Away

Countries in Scandinavia gain wealth through their plentiful, yet narrow variety of raw materials. With an abundance of iron ore, oil, and beech trees, the nations have no difficulty in maintaining a strong economy through international trade. … [Continue reading]