The Swedish Way

Sweden has a lot to offer as a country. Sweden offers rich history, art & design, natural beauty, superior quality of life, a strong political system, and progressive views to round it out. Sweden is very much an ideal country to be a member … [Continue reading]

Volvo Headquarters

    6/4/2018   While in Gothenburg, Sweden we had the opportunity to visit the Volvo headquarters where we spent a good portion of the day learning about the company, seeing some of their work done up close and personal in … [Continue reading]

Kubb aka Viking Chess

One of the best things about Stockholm is the number of parks weaved throughout the city. It is easy to grab a quick bite and find a nice spot to sit and relax. During a day of exploration we came across a small park where some children were playing … [Continue reading]

Stockholm Part II

Finland is a home market for many Swedish companies but the potential for sales, R&D co-operation, and tested activities is best unleashed with permanent presence in the Finnish and market. This was a key discussion point during our visit at the … [Continue reading]

Building Smarter Cities

Smart cities are becoming a global movement. Historically, the world has continued to over extract and consume natural resources without remorse. This behavior has created global problems that provide a need to create systematic change. Today, … [Continue reading]

Competence in Scandinavia

Before I went to Scandinavia, the word “competence,” meant to me: the ability to do something well. This term has never been attributed to any political issues in America, which was why I was intrigued when I learned of its’ significance in Sweden. … [Continue reading]

Innovation Loop in Lycksele

Attending the smart growth idea development workshop in Lyskele provided many different types of learnings. The topic of “smart growth” and its varied applications and interpretations by industry and individual allowed for informative dialogue. … [Continue reading]

The Impact of the Scandinavian Culture on a Company’s Success

Sweden is home to many successful companies, but makes them successful? What amount of influence does the home country have on the overall success of an organization? We explore this topic while comparing some of the organizations we have visited … [Continue reading]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Sweden

Today I spoke in depth with Lycksele natives on the current condition of their immigration and refugee workforce situation. In the current state of Sweden, “foreigners” endure more difficulty in order to get a job. In order to work, immigrants must … [Continue reading]


For the next leg of our trip, we travelled as far north as I think most of us have ever been: the small town of Lycksele, which is located in the Västerbotten region. We arrived to take part in an Innovation Loop conference. We all knew that we would … [Continue reading]