Our Experience in Sweden

We visited headquarter of Ericsson in Sweden on June 3rd. Ericsson used to be a telephone maker company and now they have dabbled in many areas such as self-driving vehicles, reality virtual word, smart city platform, 5G market, etc. Ericsson are … [Continue reading]

Let’s Visit the Nordic Culture

The Scandinavia culture is embedded around a somewhat socialist concept, as such they are named the nanny state, this can be seen as a negative characteristic, but I see it as they care about their people. Most Nordic countries have free education, … [Continue reading]

Finland Culture Exposed

Nordea is the first stop of our trip. It is the largest financial service group in the Nordics. Nordea operates a “one bank model”, it has cross-border branching structure, which supports group-level capital, liquidity and risk management. We have a … [Continue reading]

Meet the Students

Koriah Nichols is a first year part-time MSA student, this is her first semester in California. Previously she lived in Texas where she got her undergraduate degree in accounting at Midwestern State University. Koriah has studied abroad before last … [Continue reading]

Back Home And Changed Indelibly

As we head off back to the white shores of home, we have time to reflect on what we have learned and how this experience has changed us. In this closing entry of the blog, we will each give our own opinion on this and some thoughts about the future … [Continue reading]

The Blue Star of Sustainability

The last city we will be visiting on our journey across Scandinavia is Copenhagen. We have had the opportunity to visit businesses in all stages of their development, ranging from startups to fully matured companies. From our visit to Copenhagen, we … [Continue reading]

The Flag Might be Blue and Yellow but the Country is Green As a Leaf

We have been gallivanting in Europe for quite a while now and seen much diversity in the variety of businesses and business practices we have encountered. The companies in Stockholm provided another fascinating layer to study and analyze in depth. … [Continue reading]

Sad to Say its Over

Boy this trip was a wild one! In the final half of our trip we got to visit Sweden and Denmark. The journey to Sweden was a MISSION. We took an overnight boat from Estonia to Sweden and this night ended up being one of the best/worst times on the … [Continue reading]

We went to Malmö and Copenhagen and ‘Denmark’ed if off our list!

Overview Wow, we can’t believe we’re saying this but.. we just wrapped up our last stop visiting Copenhagen in Denmark amd Malmö in Sweden! We got to visit some really great companies and learn even more about the Swedish culture and immerse … [Continue reading]

Do As the Swedes Do: Drink, Eat, & Fika

Jenna, Tai, and Theresa in Stortorget, the famous public square in old town Stockholm We're enjoying our time here in Stockholm! We've had our share of Swedish meatballs, visited the Vasa Museum, the ABBA museum, and strolled through Gamla Stan. … [Continue reading]