Fitness at Impuls

On Thursday, I met up with a local Swedish man, who took me to Impuls to take an Afro Power Dance class.  Impuls is a privately owned gym in the center of Lulea, Sweden.  The gym offers an extensive retail store with clothing and equipment, group exercise classes, child care, cardio equipment, and a free-weight […]

Finnish Finds

During our lunch break in Oula, we stumbled upon a small, outdoor market.  It was very similar to a farmers market where local merchants sell their goods and specialty items.   One merchant in particular caught our attention: a candy maker. She had an assortment of all different types of candies, each with creative names and […]

Jooga Yoga and Pilates Studio

  Jooga Pilates and Yoga studio is a quaint and serene escape located in the heart of downtown Helsinki that offers an atmosphere that is conducive to quieting the mind and centering the body.  The studio is located in the basement of a three story building on Runeberginkatu street and is shared with a high-end […]

Cultural Management Introduction

  Hey World! For our first post, we wanted to introduce our thoughts and purpose of our research in Scandinavia.  We will be studying and observing the cultural difference between the U.S.A and Scandinavia.  More specifically, we will focus on lifestyle businesses such as found in the fitness and fashion industry. To start, our management […]