Cultural Management Introduction


Hey World!

For our first post, we wanted to introduce our thoughts and purpose of our research in Scandinavia.  We will be studying and observing the cultural difference between the U.S.A and Scandinavia.  More specifically, we will focus on lifestyle businesses such as found in the fitness and fashion industry.

To start, our management experiences in the U.S.A. have revealed that Americans work to live.  There is a heavy focus on climbing the corporate ladder and generating revenue to turn profit into luxury possessions.  Fitness and fashion in the U.S.A. are very competitive industries and Americans can be a bit cut-throat to get noticed. Consumers are also very competitive in that they want to do the best and newest workouts to get the best looking body and shop at the most trendy stores to get noticed (fashion can be used as a way to show power and success).  On the other hand, our preliminary research has shown that Scandinavians enjoy life and live to work.  They are focused on the common good and equality because they believe in having a healthy life-work balance.   We are unfamiliar with how fitness and fashion fit into the Scandinavian lifestyle and consumerism, but we imagine that the lifestyle businesses in Scandinavia will be managed differently than those found in U.S.A.  We also hope to find out more information on consumer behavior and where Scandinavians spend their excess money during our time spent there.

Until next time!

-Kacie and Sarah