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Jooga Pilates and Yoga studio is a quaint and serene escape located in the heart of downtown Helsinki that offers an atmosphere that is conducive to quieting the mind and centering the body.  The studio is located in the basement of a three story building on Runeberginkatu street and is shared with a high-end hair salon.  This shared arrangement is probably quite beneficial  to both the studio and the salon as they target a very similar segment of the market and are able to make the building a one-stop destination for clients who care about their appearance and health.  The studio offers clients  the option of purchasing single or multi.-class cards, both of which are reasonably and comparably priced to classes found in America.  The different pricing options gives the client the opportunity to purchase based on their needs and wants. These options are important to making clients feel that they can make individual purchasing decisions and have control over their purchasing power.  This simple pricing scheme expands the probability of a client coming to the studio and feeling satisfied with their experience.    (The studio offers ten classes throughout the week. A single yoga class is €10 and a single Pilates class is €15.)
Although there were a lot of similarities in the studio set up and arrangement, a few questions came to mind during my experience. First, the class was attended by only 4 paying customers and I am curious to know what the break even point is for the studio. In America, most facilities cancel clasthis the attendance is low because the studio cannot afford to cover the cost of the instructor with the small amount of revenue collected. Perhaps the class was not an accurate reflection of average numbers, but it is definitely something to note. Second, as a new client, I was not asked nor required to sign paperwork. Because of the liabilities associated with fitness and movement classes, I found it incredibly surprising that the studio would not want to safeguard itself from liability or responsibility. A liability waiver is a standard in America, no matter the size or prestige of the studio, so i came with the expectAtion of having to fill out paperwork.  Therefore, I would be interested to know if small, fitness and lifestyle businesses in Finland have a standard that parralleled my experience or if it is more typical to require first time clients to sign a waiver.  Hopefully more business visits will help to determine the standard.
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