The last day of our travel course

The last day at Copenhagen, we visit the Denmark’s national bank (the central bank). After visit the national bank, we consider the question whether Denmark should join the Eurozone. In our opinion, the question depends on the operation system of Denmark’s national bank. Based on what we know, if Denmark joins the Eurozone, it is […]

Good working environment brings positive working attitude

On June 12, we go to visit as Stena AB, which is one of the world famous ferry company. The Olsson family is about: Stena Metall AB, Stena AB, and Stena Sessan AB. The Stena AB is about: Stena line, Stena Drilling, Shipping, Stena Property, Stena Adactum, Stena Finance. For the ship business, timing is […]

Diversity Visits at Sweden

Our group visits different fields of companies,such as: Ericsson, KLARNA,SANDVIK,EVEO and SAAB AERO. Those companies are doing their best to fulfill their goals with high technology and high enthusiasm. Some of the companies are using 3D printing. Those kind of high technology makes their working much more convenience than before. KLARNA also has their future […]

On the way to Scandinavia

Doe and Gloria, we are lucky to have the opportunity to visit Scandinavia. Thanks for chapman MBA travel course program and our professors. This is an interesting visit. We will visit lots of local companies, such as Ericsson, KLARNA, SAAB AERO,and Volvo.Meanwhile, we will also have the opportunity to visit NATIONALBANKEN(central bank of Denmark) on […]