The last day of our travel course

The last day at Copenhagen, we visit the Denmark’s national bank (the central bank). After visit the national bank, we consider the question whether Denmark should join the Eurozone. In our opinion, the question depends on the operation system of Denmark’s national bank. Based on what we know, if Denmark joins the Eurozone, it is just a little ship in the big Eurozone sea. Denmark’s national bank will be less considerable and powerful than before. What the Denmark’s national bank need to do is possible to only follow the big country’s rule. Meanwhile, Denmark has to take the whole Eurozone system risk. Trouble in the eurozone means trouble for the banks. On the current situation, Denmark is not necessary to join the Eurozone system.

Meanwhile, from what the staff present to us, Denmark’s national bank has its own working system and does well on the whole process. The bank has high working capital turnover rate and the low debt to capital ratio. The Denmark’s national bank runs well without the Eurozone’s help right now. If the Denmark national bank system has big problem in the future, it may drop its own system and start a new operation system to survive from the crisis.

After we visit the bank, we go to see the world famous beer Carlsberg. Carlsberg has lots of fans in the world. In some people’s opinion, it is probably the best beer. However, both of us are not alcohol enthusiasts. So we did not know the taste good point is on what.

Since our fight is tomorrow, doe and I went to see the little mermaid. The little mermaid represents its love fairy tale story and the traditional culture of Denmark.