Good working environment brings positive working attitude

On June 12, we go to visit as Stena AB, which is one of the world famous ferry company. The Olsson family is about: Stena Metall AB, Stena AB, and Stena Sessan AB. The Stena AB is about: Stena line, Stena Drilling, Shipping, Stena Property, Stena Adactum, Stena Finance. For the ship business, timing is everything. The company uses hedge system not just on finance part, but also LNG market development. The company does interest hedge and industry hedge to reduce risks.

The company focuses on three elements: care, innovation, and performance. Meanwhile, by using recycle mental technology and new drilling technology, they prevent to harm the natural environment and life at sea.

Stena not only care about the natural environment, but also the working environment. The Stena leaders want to deliver that everyone working for Stena is worth and not just a number. From the video, we can know that the colleagues care about each other and help each other. They share their happiness together. For example, a staff works for several companies before he finally chose Stena. He said that Stena cares some details. The colleagues usually work together and solve their problem together. When someone comes up with new ideas, they will put it into practice for improving their working efficiency. The staffs are willing to work for Stena instead have to work.

On the other point, Stena care for their customers. When a customer chooses Stena, the company tries its best to deliver a good trip start. By listening to the customers and understanding them, Stena has a high customer satisfaction.

In our opinion, Stena’s success contributes to a good working environment and a good running system. It is easy for many companies use a complete running system. However, having a good working environment is difficult for some companies to fulfill. A nice company culture is an important key element to bring positive working attitude.