On the way to Scandinavia

Doe and Gloria, we are lucky to have the opportunity to visit Scandinavia. Thanks for chapman MBA travel course program and our professors.

This is an interesting visit. We will visit lots of local companies, such as Ericsson, KLARNA, SAAB AERO,and Volvo.Meanwhile, we will also have the opportunity to visit NATIONALBANKEN(central bank of Denmark) on June 13th, which may be an amazing day for some finance emphasis classmates.This trip will build up some basic concept on different emphasis, because we have bank visit, local company visit, international business company visit and social media happy hour. This trip will broaden our horizons.

Since we have never been to Scandinavia before, it is really a great visit to feel local culture. Hope we have chance to see the Nobel's House and find out some great taste local restaurants. We heard from our friends that Denmark food are famous for Smoerrebroed, Wienerbroed(Danish), Poelsemandens, Frikadeller, Hakkeboef and Koldt Bord. We will see what are those things taste when we are there.

We are packaged and ready to start the great visit.Tomorrow we will go to the highest happiness index country, sweden. See you guys on Sunday at Hilton!!!!!!!