Diversity Visits at Sweden

Our group visits different fields of companies,such as: Ericsson, KLARNA,SANDVIK,EVEO and SAAB AERO. Those companies are doing their best to fulfill their goals with high technology and high enthusiasm. Some of the companies are using 3D printing. Those kind of high technology makes their working much more convenience than before. KLARNA also has their future working environment model on show. When we say they are trying to move to that new working building, their staff says that we will move to that building confidently.Although it is a quite new company started from 2005, it really grew fast. They really know what they are doing and try to make the online shopping much more convenient with one button click. Meanwhile, KLARNA is becoming international. It has branches at Norway, Denmark and Finland.However, I don't think their working method will be useful for any country. Since Scandinavia on line shopping is quite simple with social security number, other countries' situation will be much more complex. Especially, the country is with lots of people. For example, in China, we use other social media tool instead of Facebook. So connecting with Facebook to do on-line shopping may be not work. If KLARNA wants to be much more international than now, it should do some innovation.

When we visit security and defense company SAAB AERO, the vice president is experience. He has been a leader of more than three countries, not only european country, but also asia country and US. Changing the leadership style may be an efficient way to be a good leader at different culture countries. If the employees are willing to work for you, they will finish their task efficiently and effectively. So it is very important to keep your employees have a positive working attitude.

On June 6th, we transport to Visby. It is totally different from Stockholm. Visby is an old town full of history stories. We can see the left wall(Ringmuren) and 16th or 17th century church. The air is fresh and the environment is like an peaceful art. The people who live in this little town are having their own way to do business. On June 7th, we took bus for CEMENTA AB and Sculpture factory. We saw some of vase products at local working factory. It is a family business and the total staff numbers are 6. The business is not big but it is full of skill. Not everybody has the skill to copy their products. Their product is quite competitive in this art ware field.