Ericsson When most consumers think of Ericsson, the product they think of is the early cellular phone that Ericsson had on the market. But as we all know this device would be the last consumer cellular product that Ericsson would have available. So what has Ericsson done since then? In the eyes of most consumers, […]


The music industry has involved rapidly throughout the past century. Of course styles and genres have changed but many new genres have been created as well, especially with new technologies available. But technology has also been an enemy to the artists in the music industry. With sites such as Napster and Kazaa, music was acquired […]

Lulea Science Park

Lulea Science Park How did the small town in the north of Sweden attract such a great company as Facebook? Lulea has many reasons to boast for this accomplishment. Every European country and countries around the world wanted Facebook to build its database centers there, but Lulea won this competition. The journey was long but […]

Nick Meyers’ introduction

Dear fellow travelers and readers, We are sitting here in class the night before we leave to Scandinavia and I still am in awe and shock that we are leaving in such a short period of time. This week has gone by so fast and it seems finals have just ended. It appears we have […]