Nick Meyers’ introduction

Dear fellow travelers and readers,

We are sitting here in class the night before we leave to Scandinavia and I still am in awe and shock that we are leaving in such a short period of time. This week has gone by so fast and it seems finals have just ended. It appears we have a great group and our travel experience will be an incredibly great experience because of this.

I am well-traveled like others but yet this trip I still feel as though I am not as educated about the people and culture as much as I'd like. The preparation in class was brief and it seems I will learn as I go while there. Either way I am excited and I still have much to do before we take off in the morning.

I picked this trip because Scandinavia, specifically Sweden and Finland, are two countries I probably never would have decided to visit. But my goal is to visit as many countries in my lifetime as possible so all areas of the world are welcomed. I hope to learn the differences in culture between Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. So far it seems as though I will learn much more than their culture; I will also learn their business practices and way of life in small and large towns.

-Nick Meyers