Lulea Science Park

Lulea Science Park

How did the small town in the north of Sweden attract such a great company as Facebook? Lulea has many reasons to boast for this accomplishment.

Every European country and countries around the world wanted Facebook to build its database centers there, but Lulea won this competition. The journey was long but the end result was quite worth it. In 2009 Lulea offered their services to Facbook along with many other countries. During 2010 there were many meetings with Facebook and some countries/cities were eliminated from the competition. Finally in 2011 Lulea was chosen to be the town that would be used for the next Facebook database location!

Our class had the honor of having Matz Engman, the CEO of Luleå Business Agency, speaking with us about the reasons Facebook chose this great Swedish town. Foremost, the climate is very chilly most of the year in this town and cold air is very important for a database center. Sweden also has cheap electricity which most is hydro-powered making it very clean, efficient, and earth-friendly. Also, the people in this town are very educated, talented, and capable of handling technical work. There is a university close to the database center and it is filled with very skilled people. The “Node Pole” brand has been born and the sheer success of all its components have helped Northern Sweden become a very attractive place for the IT world.

Not only is Lulea Science Park a prime location for database centers, but also its talented people are great for consulting, innovation, and business development. Managing Director Peter Larsson spoke about the Innovation Systems that Lulea provides for many global companies. Also, there are over 100 companies located locally in the science park with over 1000 employees. But for Innovation Systems, their main objective is to help companies find networks, money, and competence for their ideas. Then they can help you build a prototype, raise capital, meet the right people, or do whatever is needed to help your company accomplish its goals.