Goodbye Scandinavia

Hi everyone, first and foremost, we want to tell you that our trip was absolutely incredible and something that we will never forget! Seeing different parts of the world makes you cherish all the of great things we have at home, as well as take back information that can benefit our lives and businesses in […]

We Love Angry Birds!

Welcome to Finland! We are on the last part of our Scandinavian journey and we had the opportunity to visit Rovio, the company who created Angry Birds. Right as we walked in the building we were greeted by all of the Angry Bird characters that are iconic throughout the game and now brought to life […]

Saab Defense

Today we visited The Saab Aerospace and Defense headquarters. The company sits on top of a mountain on the outskirts of Gothenberg with amazing views of the city. When many people think of Saab they believe it’s an ex car manufacturer. But really Saab has many different divisions other then car manufacturing. In fact, Saab […]

C! The Conversion Company

Welcome to Stockholm, the home of C!. C! is one of the best conversion companies in Scandinavia, where they help large businesses optimize their website so user leads turn into conversions (an action that is required for the user as they engage with a companies website). As we all surf the internet on a daily […]

Volvo… The Future of Automotive Design

We have arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden. A city full of  vibrant people, culture, innovative companies, and the home of Volvo Automotive. We would like to welcome you to Volvo! Since being purchased by Geely Group in 2011, Volvo has redesigned its brand of consumer automobile. The new transformation strategy for Volvo is to attract customers that […]

Pre-departure Cast

Welcome to Lexy and Kevin’s Blog! We are excited to be touring all of Scandinavia with you and exploring various marketing strategies between the different countries. As Chapman MBA students this gives us an amazing opportunity to tour and speak with international business leaders. Being in a foreign business environment will help us develop a […]