Volvo… The Future of Automotive Design

Lexy 1

We have arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden. A city full of  vibrant people, culture, innovative companies, and the home of Volvo Automotive. We would like to welcome you to Volvo!

Since being purchased by Geely Group in 2011, Volvo has redesigned its brand of consumer automobile. The new transformation strategy for Volvo is to attract customers that are environmentally and safety conscious. Volvo's new strategy is to also be more sustainable to compete against other car manufacturers. The new XC90 SUV is Volvo's newest flagship vehicle that entails the company’s new strategy for attracting new customers. The new XC90 incorporates Scandinavian design throughout the vehicle with state of the art technology and luxury amenities. Volvo is trying to compete with European luxury car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes.

Vovlo's has strong brand loyalty throughout all of Scandinavia since it was originally founded here. In the United States, Volvo has had poor sales performance and a low brand loyalty. In order to gain more customers throughout the world Volvo spent around 1.5 billion dollars in 2015 on research and development to become one of the most innovative car companies. Volvo has started several initiatives such as by 2020 the company has set a goal of no fatalities or serious injuries in any of their new vehicles. They also envision and have begun designing fully autonomous vehicles that will be connected with traffic infrastructure to make driving more pleasurable and efficient.

The Volvo iron-mark logo represents the company’s commitment to safety and security, a strong value and mission since they developed the 3-point safety belt.  Volvo has also begun a new marketing campaign showing all weather capabilities and the company’s commitment to safety. While being a stylish luxury vehicle that will entice buyers to switch to their brand. With these benchmarks, Volvo hopes to create new customer loyalty in markets throughout the world.

We found Volvo to be an extremely design conscious company with all the safety and tech features they include in their new vehicles. The new XC90 is an incredible SUV with all-wheel drive capabilities that makes it safe in all weather conditions. Being in our mid 20's we never viewed Volvo as a car that is visually appealing or something we would want to drive. With their latest vehicles we were very impressed with how modern, efficient and tech-savvy their vehicles have become. The new interior had an iPad like touch screen, giving the driver an innovative sense of control. We feel like most of the new gadgets in this vehicle were something you would only find in a Tesla, but now can be purchased in an affordable family-friendly car.

We are excited for our next journey to Saab Aerospace and Defense Corporation. Where we will learn about military radar and surveillance systems and how they market their products to different nations military.