C! The Conversion Company

Lexy and Kevin C image-3 via photoshopWelcome to Stockholm, the home of C!. C! is one of the best conversion companies in Scandinavia, where they help large businesses optimize their website so user leads turn into conversions (an action that is required for the user as they engage with a companies website).

As we all surf the internet on a daily basis looking for information, products, and services, we are bombarded with many different companies and their websites that all want our business. As users, when we actively engage on a website we want a site that is easy to use, straight to the point, and allows us to have what we want instantly. C! helps companies learn their audiences behavior by creating experiments through A/B split testing so they can optimize the user experience and turn website traffic into actual customers/conversions. C! charges customers based on an hourly consulting fee, with employees rarely in the C! office. C! focuses heavily on customer relationships, having representatives meet personally at the company.

image-2 Lexy C via photoshopC! helps all types of companies optimise their digital marketing strategy. First, they look at the company's website to see where and how improvements can be made. They use specialized software such as visual website optimizers and eye tracking software to see where people are clicking/interacting the most on a website, as well as what information is catching their eye and what they are focusing on the most. They look at the websites content and reduce any cognitive overload that is present. Users want a clear and precise website that is easy to use and navigate. When cognitive overload is present, many users will become disengaged and irritated to the extent of them leaving the website, which leads to another potential customer lost.

Through all of these experiments whether failed or successful, data is always being collected to help companies understand what motivates their audience to behave in a certain way. All of these experiments and test allow for optimization to occur and for more conversions to be made. Companies that use C! services have a better understanding of what their customer behaviors and attitude are about their website. Through C! data analytics and experiments, companies are exposed the truth behind their website and any necessary improvements can be made.

We all want an enjoyable digital experience, the trick is to understand what that is and to relate it your business so that the desired content is being pushed to your audience. C! is making this happen and providing an eye opening service to many big companies throughout the Scandinavia region. We live in a digital world where consumers want easy access to products and services that are just a few clicks away.

Visiting C! provided us great insight into the digital marketing world and information that we all can use to help improve our own conversion rates for the companies that we work for. The key is to keep it simple and clean! Thank you C! for a very informative learning experience!