We Love Angry Birds!

lexy3Welcome to Finland! We are on the last part of our Scandinavian journey and we had the opportunity to visit Rovio, the company who created Angry Birds. Right as we walked in the building we were greeted by all of the Angry Bird characters that are iconic throughout the game and now brought to life through the newly released animated film. Immediately everyone's faces lit up as we took pictures with all of our favorite characters!lexy2

Rovio started in 2003 as a student project where they created the first Angry Birds game. Now the company has around 500 employees working for Rovio on various games, products, animated films, partnerships, and new development projects in order to grow the company from just a game into a entertainment company. Rovio's mission is to delight the world and that is exactly what they have been doing with their games, characters, and now animated film. Angry Birds has high brand recognition all around the world and has loyal followers of the brand and characters, creating a global phenomenon reaching over 3 billion game downloads since 2009, 26 million Facebook followers, 6 billion unrivaled YouTube view, and 480 million game downloads in 2015.

Due to their growth and high brand recognition, Rovio now partners with many of the top companies throughout the world to market themselves and create mutually beneficial relationships. They are very selective as to whom they partner with, but have over 300 partnerships worldwide. Some of their partnerships include, H & M, McDonald's, PEZ, and Lego. With Lego they created augmented reality so the user enjoys a personalized experience/game/image with the product they bought. The user will scan the “Bird Code” on the product using the scanner in the app and then a mini game or pictures will appear on their device for the user to experience. This has become a huge success for Rovio's marketing initiatives and sales for their products, as well as for their many partnership.

Rovio has a wide variety of games designed for users of all ages. We remember downloading the first original Angry Birds game app when it first started to become popular and now look how much they have grown. They have Angry Birds Star Wars themed game as well as Angry Birds Space and Rio, and are continuing to grow their “free-to-play” games. Rovio is always thinking about their audience and what people enjoy playing. lexy9They want both girls and boys of all ages to engage in their games. They have an entire department dedicated to attracting their female population to playing their games, while also keeping their male population enticed too. This can be a very complex puzzle to solve, but Rovio's games and characters are enjoyed by people everywhere and they continue to have huge success each year with each new game that they develop.

According to Heini Kaihu, a lead gaming developer for Rovio, the gaming industry has become a very crowded place with over 300,000 iOS games in the marketplace today. There's around 200 new iOS games developed per day, leaving only an average revenue of around $6,000. This market is extremely competitive and hard to make a name for yourself if you are not one of the big players in it like Rovio has become. During the presentation she said that if she was on her own trying to breakthrough with a new game she would probably not jump into this market because there's extreme risk involved with such high competition. Everyone wants to make a gaming app these days and many people and companies are doing it.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Rovio! Angry Birds has become such an iconic game along with all their characters. This brand is only going to grow in size as new developments are made. This was an amazing experience to visit their headquarters and now we get to enjoy wanting the new Angry Birds Movie with their A-List Cast! Thank you Rovio! lexy4