An Amazing Experience

Visiting 5 different countries was the most amazing experience for a student. Many of the places reminded us of our favorite movies and provided us with views of a architectural society we are not use to. Almost every business we visited let us know they implemented a flat structure and how successful it was as […]

The Nordic Business Model

Northvolt mainly focus on European market and collaborate closely with strategic European industrial partners. They almost cover every aspects of batteries’ application and Northvolt is the largest batteries company in Europe. In order to achieve ~70% lower emissions, they set three sustainability set-up that are selecting upstream suppliers, integrating cathode production and leveraging zero emissions […]

Our Experience in Sweden

We visited headquarter of Ericsson in Sweden on June 3rd. Ericsson used to be a telephone maker company and now they have dabbled in many areas such as self-driving vehicles, reality virtual word, smart city platform, 5G market, etc. Ericsson are also exploring new growth opportunities, for instance, enable industry 4.0 by bring LTE and […]

Let’s Visit the Nordic Culture

The Scandinavia culture is embedded around a somewhat socialist concept, as such they are named the nanny state, this can be seen as a negative characteristic, but I see it as they care about their people. Most Nordic countries have free education, so they don’t see their students as customers and their colleges are not […]

Finland Culture Exposed

Nordea is the first stop of our trip. It is the largest financial service group in the Nordics. Nordea operates a “one bank model”, it has cross-border branching structure, which supports group-level capital, liquidity and risk management. We have a basic understand of Nordic economies status and risk control through the presentation. The Nordic economies […]

Meet the Students

Koriah Nichols is a first year part-time MSA student, this is her first semester in California. Previously she lived in Texas where she got her undergraduate degree in accounting at Midwestern State University. Koriah has studied abroad before last year in Erfurt, Germany, where she learned international business strategies, it was an amazing experience for […]