Meet the Students

Koriah Nichols is a first year part-time MSA student, this is her first semester in California. Previously she lived in Texas where she got her undergraduate degree in accounting at Midwestern State University. Koriah has studied abroad before last year in Erfurt, Germany, where she learned international business strategies, it was an amazing experience for her that caused her to seek out similar opportunities. Koriah has traveled to Jamaica, Canada, and the Bahamas prior to this journey and she very enthusiastic to receive more passport stamps. Many graduate programs don’t allow their students to study abroad so Koriah couldn’t believe she had another chance to see the world. Europe is an amazing continent full of different culture and countries, Koriah and her class have the pleasure of visiting 4 of the countries. After the long plane ride Koriah was ecstatic to finally land in Helsinki, she could immediately notice how the architect was different in contrast with American buildings.

Advancing forward Koriah hopes to learn about the Nordic way of life, the techniques that create their culture, and the business strategies they impose. Scandinavia is unique because the base of their culture is being environmentally friendly and having self-care, the businesses have combined these cultural standards with their business model while maintaining success and Koriah is eager to see a more detailed model of their innovative techniques, she is excited to share their experiences and knowledge gained with you.

I am Zheng(Danny) Wu, a first year MBA student in Chapman University. Before I got admitted by Chapman MBA program, I have achieved a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree both in mechanical engineering. After completing my master’s degree, I chose to work for Exoptronics, located in Torrance California. Exoptronics Inc. is a startup high-tech communication company. It goes against the trend among university graduates, most of whom prefer to stay in the large companies with good benefits. But I wanted to join a pioneering company with passion. Since I have engineering background and was trained well in the college, I could learn very fast in this electrical engineering-based company. Exoptronics is an ideal platform as it grows rapidly. As an engineer in die/wafer fabrication, I have a lot of chances to contact with manufacturing supervisor, operators and vendors. I played an important role in the company and I can touch many aspects of running a company, rather than a small screw on a big machine.

Scandinavia is an innovative and sustainable area where many pioneer companies start from here. First, taking Scandinavia travel course would help me learn more about innovation and sustainability which would apply on my work and study. Second, my career goal is to lead a company to expand from a local to international business scale, this travel course would offer me plenty of chances to connect with great enterprises. Third, exploring the countries in Nordic area makes me excited as well because I love to travel. Finding culture and economy differences is one of my interests.