The Nordic Business Model

Northvolt mainly focus on European market and collaborate closely with strategic European industrial partners. They almost cover every aspects of batteries’ application and Northvolt is the largest batteries company in Europe. In order to achieve ~70% lower emissions, they set three sustainability set-up that are selecting upstream suppliers, integrating cathode production and leveraging zero emissions hydro power for cell manufacturing, they even have a work force centered around the disposal of their products. They are trying to disrupt the traditional supply chain putting pressure on company’s that disregard the environment.

As part of the green initiative that widely accepted throughout Scandinavia, Northvolt was founded of principals of being green, the founders wanted a green battery with the least amount of carbon footprint and a high need to recycle, this helped as part of the transition into using renewable energy.  Many of the current employees worked in big companies like Tesla, google and the unique aspect of that is they were comfortable taking a pay cut to stand for something greater than themselves. The Northvolt spokesperson was very intuitive of the company, she exclaimed their eco-friendly culture that’s prominent throughout the entire region, they are constantly seeking ways to reduce their ecological foot print no matter the cost, their company’s cost is built to include to have the environment as top priority.