An Amazing Experience

Visiting 5 different countries was the most amazing experience for a student. Many of the places reminded us of our favorite movies and provided us with views of a architectural society we are not use to. Almost every business we visited let us know they implemented a flat structure and how successful it was as far as building trusting relationships and supporting a highly innovative culture. In Finland and Estonia, we visited mainly startups and the employees were very confident in their work, they had the opportunity to go to a university whilst using those classes to run their own business, many of the startups offered time with investors to pitch your idea and previous business owners who thrived in a similar field. Scandinavia is known as the nanny state, they have low unemployment because there are many service jobs available for their people to be valuable citizens in society, if that’s not what they want while being unemployed they are still given a chance to live comfortably.

One company we visited explained the benefits of working for a global company like meeting new people, indulging in new cultures and examining various business models, lastly, they are able to travel the world. Part of me wants to move to Scandinavia, they have an eco-friendly movement that is nationally spread, which is something the world needs a great deal of at the moment. There are many forests in the different countries and that contributes to healthier breathing conditions, raising a family there would be ideal because school is free until you want a doctorate, that removes the financial burden many Americans face every single day. With the government on their side making sure it is hard to fail at life and being surrounded by college educated environmentalists it is an ideal place for a free thinker, the cherry on top is the amazing views since most of the countries are surrounded by water, and the colorful apartment buildings.