Our Experience in Sweden

We visited headquarter of Ericsson in Sweden on June 3rd. Ericsson used to be a telephone maker company and now they have dabbled in many areas such as self-driving vehicles, reality virtual word, smart city platform, 5G market, etc. Ericsson are also exploring new growth opportunities, for instance, enable industry 4.0 by bring LTE and 5G to manufacturing industries. We went to Ericsson studio and the speaker showed us several amazing stuff which helped us intuitively understand of their business and what they intend to do in the future. The business culture of Sweden is quite relaxed, job tile doesn’t mean anything which is a flat structure compared to the hierarchical structure in US. Employees in Ericsson have a cozy work environment and high-level management team are reachable. Anyone who has new ideas could be reported to the key person directly that gives the firm employees longevity because they are not so stressed and fearful all the time, employees are more likely to genuinely work together opposed to being forced to beside a coworker they will later take advantage of for self-perseverance.

The core competitive advantages of Ericsson are technology capability, security, transparency and reliability. Besides, global scale within connectivity, ecosystem integration and digital business design form competitiveness in a nutshell. Based on above competitive advantages, Ericsson intend to capture new revenues through rapid innovation building on 5G and IoT. For instance, IoT connectivity platform, data management and data insight are the ways to achieve revenue increment. Another important factor is trying to make their primary customer and services provider succeed in new value pools. It could create a win-win-win business and make ecosystem benefits shared with all customers and partners.