Farewell everyone~See you soon~

It was so cold and windy in Finland. Our hair was messy all the time. We noticed that in Finland, most taxies are Mercedes-benz. Comparing to States and Taiwan, most taxies are the lower price brands such as Toyota or Nissan. We think it is because the higher price cars are most european cars. In […]

Can’t believe that we are on the cruise !!

Now we are heading to Tallinn by cruise. The bridge led to the cruise was really long and it was tiring to carry our heavy luggages and walked for such a long distance!!!! During the long walk, we noticed that there was a small shuttle for the elders to get to the cruise. We  think […]

It’s so amazing!Can we work here too?

Finally, we were about to visit the company—Keolis which is totally related to our topic, transportation. The first impression about the company was crosswalk which led to information desk. We thought it was really cool. More, there was a sign, pedestrian crossing and the design of  waiting area was just like the ones in subway […]

Hello, Stockholm :)

Oh my  god!Our train stopped due to an accident. Since we sat separately with our classmates, we didn’t know what happened at first. During the long trip, we observed some pros and cons of the train. First, the train was clean and bright. It also provided with barf bag and reading light. We thought these […]

We Brought Sunshine to Gothenburg

After a long and tiring 15 hours flight, we finally arrived at this beautiful city—Gothenberg. We were glad that we met some folks at the airport so we could go to the hotel with them. After we went out the airport, WOW!!!!!The first thing came into our eyes was the bus!!!!!! We were so happy […]