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It was so cold and windy in Finland. Our hair was messy all the time. We noticed that in Finland, most taxies are Mercedes-benz. Comparing to States and Taiwan, most taxies are the lower price brands such as Toyota or Nissan. We think it is because the higher price cars are most european cars. In addition, we got green pass for metro and buses.  On the bus, we found that there was no single vent outlet means you can't turn it on or off due to your personal preferences. And comparing to the buses in Sweden, they didn't tell you the estimated arrival time. What a pity. And we had no idea how are the drivers here but the driver we met was not friendly because we didn't know how to use the pass and he ignored that and didn't want to help and teach us. It was kind of awkward cause while we were figuring out that, people behind us were in a long line. There were three doors in a bus which people can get on and get off so that they won't have to rush to the same door and save time. We learned that there was no priority seats for the elders here; instead, it was for women. Further, we found out that the driver would change shift at the stop on the way, but not at the final stop which is different from Taiwan. In Taiwan, they only change shifts at the bus terminus.

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On the other hand, we got metro which was similar to the ones in Sweden. It also changes shifts at the stop just like the bus. It has a route map on each carriage so that passengers can look up and find it easily. There was a blue button near the door for disabilities. We did't know what would happen if you push it, but in Taiwan, if you push it, the driver will come to help you. There were also two buttons on the door. One is for regular passengers and the other is for strollers. Again, we were still not sure how it worked. But we thought there should be a platform coming out from the bus and let people with strollers to get on/off easily.

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Although almost our blogs are talking about transportation because it is our topic. But we actually had interesting things want to share with you guys. For example, we went to a ice bar in stockholm which was really cool because everything in the bar was made of ice even the cups and tables. And we visited a Drottningholm Palace, it was spectacular. But we were a little bit disappointed about Chinese Castle. It was not as good as we thought because the mix of Chinese and Western styles failed.

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We were really glad that we participated in this travel course. Everyone was amazing and we were appreciated that we learned a lot from them. So anyone who is still thinking about singing up the travel course or not, don't hesitate. Just do it!YOU WON'T REGRET! It will be a fantastic adventure to you just like ours.

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