We Brought Sunshine to Gothenburg

After a long and tiring 15 hours flight, we finally arrived at this beautiful city—Gothenberg. We were glad that we met some folks at the airport so we could go to the hotel with them. After we went out the airport, WOW!!!!!The first thing came into our eyes was the bus!!!!!! We were so happy because we are doing the topic related to transportation.  It was easy to find the shuttle stop and the shuttle schedule posted at the stop so people could know the shifts quickly. And it was convenient because you could buy the ticket inside the airport, from the ticket machine or buy it when you board on the shuttle. However, we found out that they only accepted cards not cash. What a pity that this might bring problems for some travelers just like us. It was pretty good that it has free wifi on the shuttle and it would tell you the estimated arrival time of each stop so you could control time more properly. And our handsome partner Kevin was super hospitable that he helped every of us to put our luggages onto the rack. After 30 minutes, we got to the hotel and our first day ended peacefully with instant noodles we brought from States.


Oh our first night was terrible…We didn't sleep well and got up early the next day. We even missed the FREE breakfast buffet:( The spotlight of the day was the visit to Volvo. It was exciting because we saw many future design cars and got to know the history of Volvo and we realized that Volvo really cared about safety. They promised that Volvo would be no fatality in the car accidents by 2020. We were looking forward to it and let's see if they keep their promise.


Finally, we got our first Swedish meal with lots of amazing guests. The most impressive guest was the lady sat beside us who once lived in California over 30 years and went to Taiwan before so we talked about many things. We heard her stories and learned a lot from them. After enjoying the pleasant dinner, we took metro home with Debra and our friends. The metro was similar to the one we have in Taipei Taiwan. It looked clean and provided trash can for passengers. More, they have ticket reader in each carriage, but we only have ticket reader in station. We found the problem was there might be some free riders even you don't have ticket you can still take the metro for free if you are not caught by people.


On the second day, we had a special experience that we visited a ship company. They showed us a short clip about cooperating with China and made us think about our own town. And we even visited a real ship which was amazing. We went on a deck and even went down to the basement where sailors sleep. We saw a kitchen, wheel and canon. Everything was new to us, so it was unforgettable for us. The next cool thing was we took a boat back to our hotel. Even we missed the first shift, the other one came in 10 minutes. We really enjoy the view in Gothenberg. The most impressive thing is with one pass you can get on bus, metro and even the boat. We could know that Gothenberg has a well public transportation system.



Our trip in Gothenberg came into the end and we had a blast here. Now we are on the train to Stockholm and we look forward to a new adventure in Stockholm.

To be continued…..