Can’t believe that we are on the cruise !!

Now we are heading to Tallinn by cruise. The bridge led to the cruise was really long and it was tiring to carry our heavy luggages and walked for such a long distance!!!! During the long walk, we noticed that there was a small shuttle for the elders to get to the cruise. We  think it was a great service.



Both of us have never taken cruise before so we imagined that the cruise would be like a Titanic. When we entered our room, we were a little bit disappointed because the room was quite small. But we still spent a great night on it. It was our first time to travel from one country to anther by cruise. There were so many things to do up there. We had a nice dinner buffet. And this time we didn't sit together but separately with our lovely classmates and professors. We had a great time to chat with them and it was good to make new friends. When we were in line for food, an old man told us about Swedish traditions. Also he talked about that he hunt and eat elks. We thought it was cool because we've never heard of people here eat elks. It was a nice short talk and we learned a lot. After we finished dinner, we went to Kevin's room to give him a surprise for his birthday. Then we went to bar and Disco to celebrate with him. It was really funny seeing Niklas and Debra singing duet and they truly did a great job. By the way, we also got the chance to see the sunset and sunrise on the sea. The tax free shop was also amazing, we bought lots of chocolates and cookies for our family and friends. We had a blast on the cruise.


Over Estonia, though we didn't have any chance to take any public transportation, we went to the old town Tallinn and the structures there were very beautiful and historical.  Besides, we visited a company called e-Estoria. The speaker mentioned about e-resident which we thought was a good idea because i-voting can prevent bribery. If you vote on the Internet, you have many chances to change your mind and about who you want to vote in the election. So this means that if someone buys your vote, you can still change it at the very last minute. It can decrease the possibility of bribery. And about E-presription, we thought it was good too. Because if you go to pharmacy and insert your card, you can get your prescription and medicine immediately.


The stay in Estonia was pretty short but we still enjoyed it a lot. Then we took a cruise again to Finland. We didn't stay one night but two hours this time. It was super crowded when we were in line to get board. For two hours, we stayed on the deck and it was very cold. Totally different from last experience on the cruise. But it was really interesting to get together and closer with our classmates. We talked about the trip and laughed.

Two hours was long due to the cold weather but was fast too thanks to our lovely partners. Finally, we got to Finland, our last destination.

To be continued….