Hello, Stockholm :)

Oh my  god!Our train stopped due to an accident. Since we sat separately with our classmates, we didn't know what happened at first. During the long trip, we observed some pros and cons of the train. First, the train was clean and bright. It also provided with barf bag and reading light. We thought these things were really nice because people might need to do something to kill time. More, it had a carriage to provide people with nice food and drinks. There were some tables and seats which made it looked like a restaurant. On the other side, the disadvantages were countless. First, the seats couldn't recline, so it was a little uncomfortable to sit on and rest. Second, they didn't turn on the AC till the train stopped because of accident. Third, the rack to put the luggages was super small for travelers who had big baggages. Fourth, there was water leaking from the ceiling and caused wet floor which was dangerous. Fifth, the lavatories near us were all out of service, but they didn't show clear sign to inform us. So it kept us waiting in front of the lavatories like 10 minutes. We decided to go to the lavatory in the first class instead. Unfortunately, it ran out of water to wash hands, so we thought it should be improved. Though it happened a lot of unexpected episodes, we still arrived at Stockholm safely.



The scene in the Stockholm was very breathtaking. The view of our room was also astonishing. We could see the subway, bridge and the other side of Stockholm. During the evening event, we had fun to talk with Maria. She's a nice lady who recommended us lots of spots to explore and told us about the history of Stockholm. We also walked around in the Old Town. There were lots of restaurants and shops. We took many pictures and we had a great time there.


In Stockholm, we took the subway so many times. Even though we thought the trains were a bit shabby, we still thought the facility was quite good. For example, it tells you the arriving time of the subway. And in the station, there  are lots of monitors to make sure all passengers that get on the subway safely. Besides, it also has a slope next to the stairs which can let passengers move their luggages easily. To us, the most amazing thing was the elevator, instead of moving vertically, it slid from the upper floor to the lower floor just like the escalator. We think the real network of the subway is perfect which can lead to many places in Stockholm.



The other transportation we noticed there is Bicycle. They use it to commute from home to work. It is similar to Taiwan that more and more people care about the environment now and start to commute by bicycle. In Taiwan, we even have U-bike sponsored by Taiwanese government. U-bike is a large net work of bicycle rental kiosks in Taipei City. It is an excellent way to walk around the city. We think this is pretty the same to the city bike in Stockholm.

We are so excited now because we still have two more days to explore the different parts of Sotckholm.

To be continued….