Top 10 Things I Learned In Scandinavia

10. Twitter is the best method to hustle an executive (AB) 9.   Don’t mess with Finnish-Russian wait staff 8.   The easiest way to anger Santa is to eat reindeer 7.   High school graduations in Sweden are epic.  Don’t forget your Captains hat. 6.   Professor Myhr will take care of uninvited sauna […]

Founders Alliance – Encouraging Swedish Entreprenuership

  I always find stories of entrepreneurs taking risks and accomplishing great successes so inspiring.  Today we were able to visit Founders Alliance, a network of over 600 Swedish entrepreneurs.  Upon qualifying for membership,  which requires 1 SEK of annual profit and 800,000 SEK in turnover, members are immersed in this entrepreneurial community. Founders Alliance […]

Impromtu Spotify Meet Up

Expected the unexpected in Stockholm! While stoping in for a quick snack at McDonalds, Luisa and I noticed a guy carrying a skateboard – not a common sight in Stockholm.  He accurately guessed we were not Swedes and we soon found out he doesn’t really board.  He is preparing to move to San Francisco, California […]

Vinter Keeps Swedes Talking

Vinter, pronounced like winter, but with a V, is an award winning boutique marketing firm based in Lulea, Sweden.  Vinter has been extremely successful tackling challenging PR situations.  For example, Vinter designed a comprehensive marketing campaign for LKAB as they migrated the entire city of Kiruna Several miles away to avoid collapse from years of […]