Impromtu Spotify Meet Up

Expected the unexpected in Stockholm!

While stoping in for a quick snack at McDonalds, Luisa and I noticed a guy carrying a skateboard – not a common sight in Stockholm.  He accurately guessed we were not Swedes and we soon found out he doesn't really board.  He is preparing to move to San Francisco, California on a team of 4 to a new U.S. based Spotify office.  The office, to be located in SOMA, will establish Spotify's presense in worlds leading technology epicenter.

We learned that Spotify is betting on social media content to be the main driver in music sharing.  This is exemplified in the recent integration of Spotify and Facebook.  Spotify current has 600 employees worldwide, up from 200 hundred just 2 years ago.

We discussed the current slew of legal challenges in music downloading and streaming.  Our friend advised that if music production conglomerates could come to an understanding of how to profitably leverage music sharing in a social context then the allure of illegal downloads would significantly be reduced.

As Spotify invests in the power of social media based connections abroad, the Swedish have another globally influential brand that calls Sweden home.

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