Vinter Keeps Swedes Talking

Vinter, pronounced like winter, but with a V, is an award winning boutique marketing firm based in Lulea, Sweden.  Vinter has been extremely successful tackling challenging PR situations.  For example, Vinter designed a comprehensive marketing campaign for LKAB as they migrated the entire city of Kiruna Several miles away to avoid collapse from years of underground mining. 

In order to successfully mitigate harmful rumors from spreading throughout the community, Vinter created a local print newspaper that featured both positive and negative news about the move.  They also created a website, blog, magazine and information centers to ensure all of the tools necessary to communicate with the citizens  in Kiruna were readily available.  

With an impressive 80% readership rate for the newspaper, Vinter successfully managed the relocation of the entire town.

Here are the two guys that we met with at Vinter, giving us a presentation on the company.

They were nice enough to give us some souvenirs to take back with us.  Here is Professor Myhr and Mike Benner trying out the neck gator/head scarf they gave us.  I believe they're starting a new fashion trend here.